Knowing is Better
Screen for cancer today
Knowing is Better
Screen for cancer today

RV Laboratory Cancer Screening

To detect cancer that may be hidden in you

RV Lab is part of R&V Intertrade Co., Ltd., a provider of cancer screening services. Screening for cancer from an early stage helps increase the chances of prevention and treatment of cancers. Our goal is for everyone to have access to cancer and tumour screening. With screening from the initial stage with the RV Lab, we believe that cancer can be treated and a higher chance of recovery.


RV Lab Screening Test
Health Checkup Program
Tumor Markers

Why is Screening Important?

Find out if you have a Tumor or Cancer

Tumors take time to develop into an aggressive and proliferating cancer

It is paramount to detect tumors before they evolve

RV Lab could provide detection before the turning point

Regular/annual screening distinctly increases chance of early detection

Early detection highly increases the chance of an early treatment

Treatment in an early stage is simpler, cheaper and less stressful

Annual health check-up may help lower the risk of cancer

Early detection increase times to solve abnormalties

RV Lab could give you and your family peace of mind

Critical Cancer Detect Detection Point

How We Can Help


Highly specific and sensitive


Conveniently priced for annual check up


Result within 10 working days


For all types of solid tumors and cancers


Improve the chances of early diagnosis of cancer


Only a simple blood test needed


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