RV Laboratory Cancer Screening

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Find out if you have a Tumor or Cancer

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Why is screening important?

  • Tumors take time to develop into an aggressive and proliferating cancer
  • It is paramount to detect tumors before they evolve
  • RV Lab could provide detection before the turning point
  • Regular/annual screening distinctly increases chance of early detection
  • Early detection highly increases the chance of an early treatment
  • Treatment in an early stage is simpler, cheaper and less stressful
  • Annual check up benefits for health screening to decrease risk of cancer
  • Early detection increase times to solve abnormalties
  • RV Lab could give you and your family peace of mind


Highly specific and sensitive


For all types of solid tumors and cancers


Early diagnosis could improve chances


Only a simple blood
test needed


Result within 10
working days


Conveniently priced for annual check up